Everything’s Jake!

Jake at 7 weeks

Jake, aged 7 weeks.  We found him under an old car.  His litter mates were running around the junkyard.  Jake lay in the shade of an abandoned car, a roly poly cheerful guy, the only chocolate in a sea of black pups.  We pulled him out by his little underarms and he just gave us a placid look, like, what’s up?

From the start, he looked us straight in the eyes. His expression was always “Hi. Let’s play. Now? No? Soon then? Ok.”

When we carried him away from his litter and his mom, he didn’t even look back. He just kept his gaze on us, and settled down for a nap in daddy’s lap.

In those days there was enough room for his sturdy puppy body to fit underneath the steering wheel. It was a sad day for Jake when he outgrew driving in daddy’s lap…but riding in the back with his head out the window turned out to be just as fun.



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